New Discworld RP

From Egs Mayhem

A new Discworld RP that has been started by Ajac.

Basic Premise

Hogswatchnight is fast approaching, and with it the end of the Century of the Fruitbat and the beginning of the Century of the Anchovy. Ankh Morpork is naturally filled with celebrations, preparations, and an upswing in the usual mass of people selling things to other people. Two new religious sects, the strangely benevolent(and even stranger, tolerant) Readers of the Divine Story, and the more typical Servants of the Ascending Deity Lezaza, are comming into conflict. And a strange, shadowy cabal, The Riders of Stars, headed by the rarely seen Mr. Emperor and his lackey, the seemingly-omnipresent Mr. Broadbrim, is stirring up trouble across the Sto Plains and beyond.

All in all, just a typical end of the year. But if someone doesn't step in, someone else may make this the last year the Discworld ever sees.


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